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Founded in 1969, Vezon's Barstool was the predominant sports bar or the BIONICLE Universe. Customers from all over would come for a round of protodermis and watch the Kohlii match or to take the Ta-Koroan Hot Wings Challenge and wash it down with a Ga-Koroan protodermis. And then Makuta died and all that and the place was wrecked. Get rekt. And after Vezon cashed in on the insurance, people were suspecting foul play. An investigation opened up, Vezon's name was cleared, and construction began once again on the old sports bar. We say "began" because we have not confirmed whether it ended or not. Tough luck - we're still constructing!

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  • Started construction
  • Had an accident on site
  • Stopped construction to grab a mug of protodermis and to sing some Cryoshell
  • Went home
  • Skyped with Cip all night
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